zondag, maart 04, 2012

Father and Son

If there was one to take this ceremonial place
it would have been my father
who taught me to play chess
though never well enough to surpass him.

Poetry he did not teach me
and neither speed nor haste.
A quiet man he used to play at ease
taking time quite often too easy.

Remaining at the top of our competition of two
he earned his respect at the local club
while I fled into poetry opening up visions
he'd already discovered in the game.

He would have been
ninety five by now
honouring the winner
of this speedy competition.

He would have respected him
albeit not really understand.

It turns us once again into
two bodies, one split soul.

©Kees Klok

On the occasion of the Open Dutch Rapid Chess Championship/
Open Nederlands Kampioenschap Snelschaken

Da Vinci College, Leerpark, Dordrecht, March 3, 2012


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